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Let's face it... business of any sort is not only the act of acquiring new customers, it's maintaining and keeping those customers happy. Your customers have a certain expectation that when they ask a question to you, they will responded to in a quick and courteous manner. Your company may very well have the aptitude to answer your customer's questions, but if the sofware you use is not up to par, then the experience your customer's receive will be lacking and reflect poorly upon you... this is exactly why you need to start utilizing ZooDesk immediately.

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Here Are Some of The Features Inside of ZooDesk

One-Click Ticket Management

We pay attention to every click because we know when you're dealing with hundreds of tickets, every one counts.Managing tickets with ZooDesk is fast, efficient and easy to use (for both you and your team).

From the main control panel you'll be able to:View the ticket message by hovering over the subject.Quickly assign tickets to a user or department.View tickets by creation date or last activity.Mark as important, delete and so much more.

Set Up in Just a Few Minutes

There is no complicated "install" and you don't need a special server to use ZooDesk. It's a web-based solution that can be quickly integrated into your existing business a variety of ways.

Our setup wizard will walk you through the essentials so that you can get started right away. Then if you want to incorporate some other "bells and whistles," you can.

Within a few minutes you'll be able to:

Add new support agents.Create new departments.Update company information.Display a floating "Support" tab to your site and more!

Streamlined Features

The focus of ZooDesk is to create a great experience for you and your customers. To do that, we got rid of features that weren't necessary and made the features that are necessary absolutely awesome.Could managing a help desk actually be fun? (We like to think so!)

ZooDesk makes it easy for...

Your customers to request help- Through Email or or Support TicketsYour customers to get live help- With Instant Live ChatYour customers to help themselves- By accessing your FAQ's in your Knowledge Base

The Perfect Mix of Features

Why include features that most people never use? We took a different approach and made sure the features that everyone uses are freakin' awesome!

Our philosophy is "simplicity and efficiency" because when you're dealing with dozens to hundreds of support tickets a day, you want a system that makes it easy to respond.That's why we painstakingly review every component to ensure that each one makes the system either faster or easier to use.

✔ Speed. A system that enables you to respond to your customers quickly.
✔ Efficiency. A system that isn't bloated with unnecessary features. Every click counts!
✔ Ease of Use. A system that feels natural, intuitive and easy to use.

Here's a Sneak Peak of What's Included In Your Account...

Works with Email

Add email forwarding or your POP3 settings and your customers won't ever have to login.

'One-Click' Responses

Getting common questions? Use a canned response or create a knowledge base article to save you time.

Prioritize by Color

Are there tickets that need to be escalated? The star icon next to each ticket can change colors.

Quickly Share Tickets

Direct ticket URLs make it a breeze to share tickets with others.

Join Tickets

Duplicate or related tickets? Instantly join multiple tickets together with a single click.

Assign or Move Tickets

Assign the ticket to another agent or department by selecting from the drop-down.

Create Customer Notes

Add customer notes for later reference—all notes are private so customers don't see them.

View Customer History

At a glance, see the ticket history for each customer. Simply click on a past ticket to view it.

In Addition... Receive These Amazing Features Too!

  • Manage Staff - Add/remove staff. Assign access levels to each staff member to control what they can and cannot see.

  • Manage Departments - Create departments for tickets to ensure the correct person sees the tickets assigned to them.

  • Multiple Integrations - Customers can contact you via email, the web, text links or custom popup tabs.

  • Branding - Customize your help desk's look and feel to match your company's branding and colors.

  • Automated Remembering - We assign responses to the last staff member who answered in order to keep consistency.

  • Time Stamp - Your choice of the original ticket creation date or the last activity date.

  • Customize Display - Customize how the tickets and responses are displayed within the system.

  • Customize Location - Define exactly where the support links are located in all communications.

  • Pending Status - At a glance notification of each ticket's status when closed or opened.

  • Overdue Status - Can't answer immediately? Be notified of overdue tickets which need response.

  • Subdomains - ZooDesk supports subdomains on our or your domains for more customized branding.

  • BBC Emails - BCC the response of tickets to others for further notifications.

  • Multiple Languages - Choose from multiple languages to make it easy for your customers to understand.

  • Ticket History - Check the history of the ticket as to who closed, reopened etc in each ticket.
  • Reminders - Easily set up a reminders in a ticket. It automatically reopens the ticket at a specific time on a specific date to the last assigned person.

  • Ticket Moveability - Easy to use resources within the tickets: You can assign the ticket to someone else, move the ticket to a different status, transfer the ticket to a different account or join tickets all within the ticket you're working on.

  • Private Notes - Compile private notes for other team members within the tickets for ticket specific concerns.

  • Filters - Filters make it easy to automate actions based on conditions you set.

  • Import From ZenDesk - Import tickets from Zen Desk

  • Canned Responses- create answers to commonly asked questions to instantly add to ticket replies

  • Knowledge Base - provide answers to commonly asked questions where customers can look before submitting at ticket

  • Tags - Tag your tickets so you can find them quickly later on.

  • Staff Accounts - Personalize each staff members accounts with email addresses, notices sent when ticket arrives in their assigned department, notices when ticket is assigned to them, notices when any ticket arrives. Staff only sees the departments that you assign them to. Each staff member can make their own signature.

  • Ticket Search - search entire ticket database with keywords

  • Grid Manager - Manage multiple agents and departments with our simple grid interface.

  • Spam Filtering - Control spam or "automated" messages so they don't clog up your ticket dashboard.

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